I have SO much respect for people that have (or don’t have) faith in a higher power because they’ve searched for the truth and found their own reasons to believe. What I can’t stand is “blind faith”—where people ‘believe’ out of fear or obligation, or because they were raised that way. The worst is when they fight you tooth and nail on your beliefs, but have no idea what they’re even talking about. Just to save their own ass from damnation. People need to understand that if you believe there is a God, you’ll know he gave you logic, free will, and your own questioning mind for a reason, didn’t he? Don’t be afraid to use those tools to seek your own truth, whatever you may find. Be better than fear. Otherwise, you’re just one of millions susceptible to being controlled and manipulated only by other humans. Those people make me lose faith in them. Keep an open mind, show some integrity, and read more than just one book.