One of the most basic, if not the most basic law of physics is that “mass cannot be created nor destroyed,” right? Well, what about childbirth?

I mean, think about it: a mother doesn’t lose any part of her self—if anything, she packs extra on. Then this tiny, little combo of sperm and egg grows into an entire human being. Albeit, a small one with an incomplete skull, but a real live human being, nonetheless.

So what is the only other thing going IN to the mother? Food.

You truly are what you eat.

After a tremendous amount of research the past few months, I have seen only more evidence supporting the idea. In fact, every bit of a person’s chemical make-up is being used, and therefor must be replenished. Your skin is falling off of your body and regrowing as you read this. True story.

Because of this, we have to make sure our body has a fresh supply of anything it might need to keep us going, especially water. You may even have little symptoms that go unnoticed every day. Slight headaches? That might be due to a lack of magnesium. Cramps waking you up at night? Maybe you need more calcium or potassium. All of these things, if let go unnoticed, can lead to bigger problems in the future.

But just think about getting a surgery, or winding up in an accident. Can you imagine all of the things your body needs to make that recovery happen? I can’t. But more importantly, do you think you have it?

More than likely, you don’t. Because instead of eating a mixed greens salad for lunch (fact: there is not a nutrient your body needs than you can’t find in a green salad mixed with beans, seeds, or nuts), you went and got a Big Mac, fries, and a Diet Coke. Not only are there little to no beneficial ingredients in the chemical make-up of those foods, but you just payed for it.

Everything that we need to survive and thrive grows naturally on this Earth. It seems to be a rule that man-made products have an opposite effect. So for a modest amount of money (or none at all if you’re into farming), you can have everything you need to be fit, healthy, resistant to illness, quick to recover, metabolically accelerated, mentally sharp, and happy. On the other hand, you can cut into your paychecks heavily for a weeks’ worth of lunches to not only put harmful things into your body, but deprive it of things you really need.

And the messed up thing is that as long as we pay for it, people will make it and serve it to other human beings! It’s madness.

I’m certainly not looking down on anyone. I myself just left the computer in the middle of typing this, forgot about it, grabbed a handful of chips, and came back only to realize what I’d just done; however, I’ve only just learned what it is that I need to do. To be a fully functioning, healthy, happy, creative, long-lived human being, I need to make some changes right away in my life.